This course is designed for both new and experienced teachers and features a range of presenters from the Society and Culture Association, university institutions and media personalities who will look at the concept of “gender” as an additional concept within the Society and Culture syllabus.

As well as a keynote address, featuring Yassmin Abdel-Mageid, the course will be divided into components that mirror the HSC Course and related Depth Studies. (HSC Core, PIP, Popular Culture, Social Conformity and Non-Conformity, Social Inclusion and Exclusion and Beliefs and Ideologies). Course content includes:

  • How the concept of gender relates to the HSC Core/Depth study
  • How to integrate a contemporary context related to gender
  • Gender roles and gender as an agent of social change
  • Focus study ideas and relevant links to assist teachers in developing their own focus areas related to gender
  • Sample assessment tasks and Teaching and Learning activities

The opportunity for Q&A at the conclusion of the day will also be vital for teachers uncertain about aspects of the syllabus.

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