This education programme is designed for primary and/or secondary school choral conductors who wish to increase their level of skill with guidance from a professional conductor.  It is expected that participants have good rudimentary knowledge of conducting as the content will include a variety of conducting techniques for different ensembles including bands, orchestras and solo singers.


Entry to this module is via submission of CV (or summary of conducting experience to date) and a video of no more than three minutes length, which is representative of the applicants current level of conducting.


Seminar 1

Part 1 (3 hours): Review practical conducting/podium skills and feedback on the audio-visual material submitted and the skills taught in the Rudimentary programme.


Part 2 (6 hours): Participants will undertake practical activities for conducting gestures with instrumentalists and learn how tonal colour and quality can be influenced by gesture.  Aural skill development will be discussed and ideas for use in rehearsal given to help conductors produce higher musical outcomes.


Seminar 2

Part 1 (3 hours):  Review of progress with conducting gesture to date and discuss issues that have arisen. Determine the most useful and strategical parameters of the practical session.


Part 2 (6 hours): Presentation of score preparation and analysis ideas that aid communication with performers. Further conducting activity for gesture refinement. Presentation of rehearsal techniques for all ability of singers.


Seminar 3

Part 1: (3 hours): Review of score preparation and anaylsis with discussion as required. Presentation of further rehearsal techniques for effective choir training.


Part 2 (6 hours): The final session will involve a conducting activity with instrumentalists that requires participants to demonstrate the knowledge and skills gained as a result of the training. Conductors will be presented with a score sample to prepare along with a rehearsal plan.

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